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About us

Our proud history dates back to 1929, when the Wright Brothers and Glen Curtiss founded the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Metal Improvement Company was established in 1946 and acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 1968.

Our plant in Arboga Sweden is built on 70 years of experience from the Aerospace Industry and serves today many high end customers from the northern European automotive, aerospace, mining and energy sector. The in 2002 acquired company Ytstruktur was originally part of the former Volvo Aero Cooperation. Since 2014 is our high automated Köping plant fully oriented towards the automotive industry.

For more information about Curtiss-Wright please visit: www.curtisswright.com


Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies understands the challenges faced by customers to reduce costs and turnaround times while making components and equipment last longer and perform more effectively.

Our plants in Arboga and Köping are accredited according to ISO 9001, EASA part 145, FAR part 145 and strive towards a certification based on the automotive standard TS16949. Our Company Policy can you read here.


Our plants in Arboga and Köping are accredited according to ISO 14001. Our  Company Policy can you read here.

Worldwide service

We currently have over 70 international divisions with continued expansion within our customers’ own facilities or location close by, as well as dedicated field crews who can be mobilised worldwide to repair fixed or large Equipment.

Technology leaders

Our facilities use state of the art robotic equipment which has been designed and manufactured in-house specifically for our customers’ work.

We keep in the forefront of new materials and technology by maintaining strong links with industry associations and being actively involved in research and development Projects.


June 16, 2023

Keronite Nadcap Approval >>

We’re delighted to announce that our US facility has achieved Nadcap approval. Read More:

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